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Crete is a magical island filled with myth and legend, a place to relax the ideal choice for all the family.

The closest beach is the homonym beach of Agios Onoufrios is quiet and hidden in a well-protected bay, mainly preferred by the residents of the wider area. The picturesque landscape, with the traditional taverns and the peaceful sea is a good reason to visit Agios Onoufrios. However, the whole peninsula is easy to explore. Some worth visiting beaches are Kalathas , Stavros, Mrathi and Loutraki.

- Loutraki: Loutraki beach has fine sand and crystal clear shallow waters, especially suitable for children. It is very well organized and provides all the common amenities. You can rent umbrellas, eat in the taverns of the area, and enjoy various water sports.

- Kalathas: Kalathas beach is quite long and most of the time you will not feel crowded. However, if you're looking for a secluded spot, you'll probably find it in one of the sides of the beach. Be aware that Kalathas beach is being affected by the winds.

- Seitan Limania: There you will find a beach that differs from other beaches. Nature created three inlets between the steep cliffs of the peninsula. In one of them is located the well-hidden beach which is not organised. Be aware that in order to reach Seitan Limania beach, you have to park your car and then climb down a path, not that easy for children or elderly people.

- Stavros: In Stavros village you will find two beaches. The main beach where “Zorbas” was filmed, is located in the east side of the village, at the foot of the mountain and has marvellous white sand and shallow turquoise waters. The second beach of Stavros is located in the north side of the village and has sand and rocks in places and is less organised than the first, but cleaner.

- Falasarna Beach : Ideal for sun lovers, a small part of it is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and 2-3 beach bars, while the rest remains unspoilt. This is the ideal place for an all day swim as the scenery is breathtaking and it is almost never packed with people. Be sure to visit Falassarna, though, when the winds blowing are not northern or north western because the place is being whipped when the weather is not the appropriate one.

- Balos beach : Balos is in reality a strange geophysical formation consisting of a lagoon like waterfront with pieces of sandy shore connecting it with the small mountain right in front of the beach. The beach has white sand with exotic turquoise and light green waters, making the scenery tropical. The area around Balos is a protected area and is highly recommended for children due to its shallow waters and, also for snorkeling. Furthermore if you wish you can take a cruise to Gramvousa island opposite Balos beach and visit Gramvousa fortress!

- Elafonissi Beach: Elafonissi is one of the most well-known beaches not only in Crete but also entire Greece. A famous summer hotspot with a strange morphology and a stunning, beige dust like sand, Elafonissi is a place you just have to visit. The beach is fully organized with sun beds and umbrellas, two beach bars, lifeguard, WC's and all touristic infrastructure for a fun day on the beach!


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